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Church Bulletin FAQ

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What is a church bulletin?

A church bulletin is like a roadmap for the soul, guiding worshippers through the journey of a service and beyond. It's a printed or digital document filled with announcements, scripture readings, prayers, and upcoming events that keep the congregation informed and engaged. From hymn lyrics to community news, it's a snapshot of the life and vibrancy of a church community, offering a glimpse into its spiritual rhythm and heartbeat. Whether tucked into the pew or accessed on a smartphone, the church bulletin serves as a vital link, connecting worshippers to each other and to the timeless traditions of faith. Read more about what is a digital church bulletin is

How to make a church bulletin?

It takes minutes and doesn't require any specialized skills, simply using drag and drop tools to add your content and choose a publish date. Your audience don't need to download an app to interact.

Can I make a church bulletin for Free?

Yes, your first bulletin is free, for 30 days.

Can I change the fonts on my Church Bulletin?

Yes, we have included a number of serif and san-serif fonts for you to choose from.